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VIBe® Vendor Management & Settlement Services System

… your one-stop solution for Appraisal, BPO, Title, Closing and Flood services.

VIBe - cutting-edge, web-based, real-time Vendor Management & Settlement Services System provides Banks, Lenders, Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), Servicing Companies, Due Diligence Companies and Appraisers with a powerful, yet affordable platform to manage all product and services under one roof.

VIBe's easy to use interface along with flexible and powerful features gives the edge in managing order from placement to fulfillment, increase efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, control costs while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Intelligent Workflows

  • Flexible and configurable workflows that are easy to use and simple to manage.
  • Customize flows to your specific requirements, increasing efficiency and control costs.
  • Streamlined process from order entry to product fulfillment with real-time status information right at your fingertips.
  • Automatically route and track order to the right person at every step of the way.
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Innovative Vendor Management

  • Manual and Automatic selection using comprehensive and customizable business rules.
  • Easy to configure and maintain coverage, fees and license information.
  • Real-time tracking and grading of vendor quality and performance scores.
  • Get free access to a database of thousands of vendors located across the nation.
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Security and Compliances

  • Cutting-edge technology - access anywhere, any time on virtually any device.
  • Fine-Grained user access control, governing user rights to the level of individual fields.
  • High performance cloud infrastructure designed and managed in alignment with regulations, security standards, and best-practices.
  • Comply with the relevant Dodd-Frank, Fannie/Freddie MISMO/UAD guidelines.
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Comprehensive Reporting

  • Integrated real-time reports, know the status of your order every step of the way.
  • Comes with more than 50 built-in reports to help you manage your orders, clients and vendors.
  • Custom Reports - custom tailored to address all of your reporting needs at no additional cost.
  • Schedule automatic report deliveries on an as-needed basis to appropriate stakeholders.
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  • Integrates directly with LOS, Service Providers and Third Party application to make ordering, tracking and reporting a breeze.
  • VIBe Web Services API provides a versatile interface and reduces application integration timelines and customization needs.
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  • Integrated two-way communications to easily manage the required tracking and follow-up.
  • Dedicated Client and Vendor portal to access real-time information.
  • Easy to configure event-driven notifications and keep all participants informed throughout the process.
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  • No Setup Fees

  • Migration Assistance

  • Completely Customizable

  • Integrations

  • Credit Card Processing